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We help keep your twitter account Active, Engaged and Focused on your business.

  • Tweet your promotions, Schedule your promotions (i.e specials, discounts & coupons) months at a time hassle free, builds your authority and always engaging
  • Tweets at regular time intervals.
  • Allows recurring tweets about your products.
  • Tweet Blogs Articles.
  • Tweet Favorite RSS (Really Simple syndication) feeds.
  • Tweet Google alerts.
  • Best Keyword related articles.
  • Adds hundreds or Focus on Relevant followers a week.
  • Can automatically publish your Facebook and Linkedin Status.
  • Welcome message to all new followers.
  • Auto-Publish Status while your way or to busy to manage your Twitter or Facebook.

One of The Tools we use.another tool we useone of the most powerful tools we use

Now you can sit back relax and know your getting professional managed social media work done for you!

Relaxing after getting her twitter and facebook account managed.

Here are a few examples of a large companies that has figured this out!


Currently, 76 percent of businesses responding to the survey reported spending a minimum of four hours a week on social media. Besides driving traffic to retail locations, nearly three-quarters of respondents said social media marketing helped improve their companies’ rankings on Internet search engines, such as Google and Yahoo.

When Christian Wilson launched, he generated more traffic from free Facebook postings than from pay-per-click advertising. But the most effective tool turned out to be Twitter, which Wilson said attracted the attention of recruiters and job boards, leading to more customers coming to the site. By using Twitter, he said, “I offered something different, a place where you could meet 1,500 recruiters and 500 job boards.”

That experience spurred Wilson to launch in January to help other small businesses make the most of tweeting. “It’s a giant networking tool” for looking for partnerships and customers, he said.

Wilson tweets information of interest to motorcyclists to help Romeoville startup Biker Boot Straps get exposure, said Mike Screens, an avid motorcyclist who invented the bootstraps to hold cyclists’ pants in place when they ride. “Every time I drove my motorcycle on the highway, my pants were flopping up to my knees. So I came up with a solution,” Screens said.

Using social media and other low-cost Internet marketing, such as Google TV Ads for commercials, blog posts and notices on to get attention, Screens has sold about 1,500 of the $25 accessories and is preparing to launch a version for female riders. “I don’t know that I could have gotten any further with the money I spent,” he said. He’s also hoping to produce a reality television show, “Motorcycle Road Discovery,” to attract attention to the product.

While Screens said he works daily on some form of Internet marketing, he hired Wilson to tweet about eight times day for him, freeing his time for other work. “He helped me get my name out there without me having to spend another two to three hours,” Screens said.

Beanstalk logo.

I decided to give Manage Your Twitter a try just to see what it can do and I have to say, at a dollar per follower (and real followers at that) it would be very difficult to beat. Kudos to the designers and developers that made it possible – you’re on to a winning combo. Easily my favorite of the Twitter-related service offerings.

Dave Davies, CEO
Beanstalk SEO, Inc.

What do Customers Receive?

Customers will receive a managed twitter account with keyword with associated truncated links for Google Yahoo and MSN from twitter. That will bring them better SEO for related keywords that they are working towards getting positioning on the Search Engines related to the truncated links they get from twitter. This is handpicked tweets (Not automated) or if you like (professionally managed) from a blog or an RSS feed or another Internet source that fit your keyword related searches. You may also include any specific Blogs or RSS feeds when opening an account that are industry related so we can pick through those for related keyword searches as well. Some customers create these RSS Syndication) From a Google Reader. This is done once an hour for as long as you are open as a company for live sales. This is so it makes your company feel as if there is a person working at least during business hours at twitter for you. You just don’t have to pay $26,000 dollars a year to a new college grad who thinks because they opened a twitter account and have all of there party friends on it they know what they are doing. We include email alerts for DM which are direct messages and @messages emailed to you when applicable. Manage Your Twitter will handle the relationship management until they ask something that is more than just a general tweet. Then you will receive an email. You will get the managed email with in 24 hours and I expect a response in no more than 72 hours so that I can maintain your relationship and reputation online. After all this is your company’s reputation I am truly managing.

We will build up a targeted following whether for new customers or for business development partners or both. The targeting of followers can be geo targeting as well if your customers only live in the Chicago land area we can make sure that most of your followers come from that area. All customers of the service are also able to get reporting from Bitly which is a free service online.

Reporting that allows you to know on a weekly basis exactly what your business reputation online looks like!

1. Yes, you can do this all your self but ask yourself these questions are you going to take the time to do this.

2. Are you going to hire someone at so much greater cost just to have a security blanket of someone to yell at if something goes wrong?

3. Do you want a real professional who is on the hook to every one of our client’s accounts to maintain a great reputation for you?

4. Are you going to know the proper tools to buy to make this a ton easier on your own time and effort and are you going to continuously check on the progress of your account daily.

5. Why not off shore it well professionally not a good idea. off shoring might be good for IT and all this is handled on a computer this is marketing make no mistake, Besides I know you want to support the USA!

Just added the ability to archive your entire Social Media suite for those businesses that have to have it (i.e. Hospitals, Lawyers, Financial Industry), including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.