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Wilson photo Founder: Christian Wilson

Christian Wilson is a noted speaker, search marketing expert and social media guru who has developed/founded/funded a

business/program to meet the needs of many companies for handling multiple twitter accounts.

Manage Your Twitter

Our company manages business twitter accounts with the utmost in professionalism staying on top of your twitter account daily.

This is not an automated system where we plug you in and leave it alone for days at a time.

It all started from starting and creating a site that needed traffic called that took a year and half to build. The last 2 months we started buying PPC traffic and found that there was not much result so we purchased some traffic from Facebook that went really well.

That is when the whole idea that maybe website traffic and social media fit together.
We started a few twitter pages for some of my different little ventures and found out what most people reading this already know- there are a thousand scams out there about twitter. Pay me and get a million followers or use my tool and get a thousand followers in a week.
We used one of those tools on 2 of my accounts and found out how fast twitter can ban you.
It is not impossible to get un-banned. We also learned if you have time and can wait 3 weeks of constant emailing you can get back online, as long as you were trying sort of unfamiliar with twitters guidelines, which I was.
Then we ran into the tool we use today.

It is fantastic!

If you’re going to do your own twitter account, we highly suggest that you use them too. If you find you don’t have time at least you might be able to give me a few ideas of what you were already doing when we take over.

Here is the link for Now at

To make the long story short in 6 months time with that tool and a few more I have learned about, I was able to grow to over 1,500 followers that were perfect for my site and mostly made up of Recruiters Job boards (Great information for people using my site) and people looking for work which would be great customers.

It took a bit more time than doing a PPC Campaign but far more worthwhile traffic.

We look forward to working with others and doing what we did for our company for everyone else out there!

Just added a real flair to our work to let us handle even larger more professional clients archiving through a great company: smarsh.
Thank you,