Detailed Analyitics

We believe that brands should take a measured and logical approach to social media. Community management is a two-way street. Simply tweeting out a list of new features occasionally isn?t good enough. A smart social media plan includes gathering as much pertinent data as possible so that you can truly know and interact with your audience.

Trends Over Time -

In the central field, there will be a new table along side of the Peak Times that is referred to as Trends.  This will show the topics within your search that are most in demand.

Map Chart -

There will now be another graph under the primary chart that will display mentions that have location data attached to them.  As you mouse over any country, the mentions from that area will be revealed.

Spark Lines -

We will be adding small summary graphs that show trends in the form of Spark Lines that show trend data on smaller line charts.

Most Followed Chart -

This graph shows users that have touched on something relevant in your search, in the order of the ones with the most folowers.  By haveing these statistics, you will discover the Twitter influencers who talk about your topic.

Status Labels -

You will easily be able to bookmark or tag specific mentions with labels that can be accessed on the right of the Statuses view right above the filters.

Facebook mentions -

When you campaign is mentioned in a Facebook status update, you can access them on the Facebook Tab.  There are currently some issues with this tool as Facebook has made changes that have disabled our tool.  This will be resolved quickly.

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Example Picture 2

We Also Use Bitly Reports