A different look at twitter!

October 3, 2011

Twttr Sucks


Yes there are a lot of websites that start out this way that one company or another sucks.
Mostly because they are what I refer to as a GRQ (get RICH quick) schemes. Another great reason for so many websites is Fraud and potential people being taken advantage of. What of the companies that allow this by there inherent being?

I think of companies like the phone company. ATT, Sprint, Tmobile, Verizon, and of course the old Bells. Of course these are not inherently bad companies and were out to only profit on the fact that people want to connect with each other.

What about the sub destructive companies that lurk just under the surface of these companies?

Tele marketing Bill Collectors Con Artists. I am not saying that sprint Att or Tmobile Verizon is responsible for any of these companies.

What is funny is when a new technology comes out and says we are going to police the airways such as twitter. Email with no spam. (LOL to few people with to much power). This is the reality of a new market emerging from a company that is more of a technology than an application for technology that has set about the time and effort to go banning people from it service when ever someone breaks a rule that they create an item. If you are like the Destructive companies of the above mentioned technology’s spammer’s or Con Artists there is a simple way around this called creating thousands or hundreds of accounts on a daily basis to use as spam and just on pure odds alone it will take them a great deal of time to weed out such companies and by the time they do there will be 1000 more of those type names created to bar the ability for them to ever work fast enough to ban a company through and through. If you doubt the power of this look at your spam folder.

These are the stories of the times in which we live. It was the (Great Depression) that was called and shielded as a simple rescission. Of course everyone is trying to say it will be over next quarter  on the news and online but simply put this is a joke of jokes. Every family has had this discussion already. So I wont bore you any further with my impressions of this other than to say this leads to a greater moral and ethical dilemma for companies that exists at this time. It is no longer what is in it for me. But How can you prove the value of what this is worth to me.

I used to describe Twitter as a technology that is like Facebook on (A.D.D) Attention Deficit Disorder. Now I just tell clients it is a simple way if you work very hard at it to grow your facebook following. It is true Social media is the new word of mouth. But how it is heard is still a great message if you get a recorded phone call is that word of mouth to you or is it only when someone takes the time to actually call you and tell you about something that you would consider that word of mouth technology of the phone.
Same is True with Social media. Consider not just the source of the technology but the way in which it allows it to be dilivered.

Simply put this is not a technology that is long for this world.

Having run a company called Manage Your Facebook and having had over 7 accounts banned from Twitter in this time non of them clients.  I can speak well of the fact that most of the time the rules have been made very clear and are pretty simple to follow. Most of the rules require time and effort toward the technology imagine if you will if the verizion phone company said you have to make so many personal phone calls a day from your cell phone or it will be shut off. With no knowledge of your own and no reason you could send them an email and ask to have you service put back on but this would require a more than minimal matter of time and would have to promise to make more personal phone calls on your cell phone that you purchased to make business calls. Now I know what you re  going to say is that twitter is free and such they can go ahead and police it. Ok I am sure they can since it is a private company but this happens to enough people enough times and yes it will be destroyed by its own power corrupt insiders like a bad government with too few people and to much power.

The more we grow and learn about this type of things the more interesting this becomes.

I understand why companies spend thousands of dollars a year and have started spending less and less look at skittles page today on twitter as apposed to what they had 2 years ago it is a joke in comparison .

I can go on and on forever, The fact is they are still a company growing a debt the size of the national debt. With no out look or plan to ever make money I keep hearing rumors of a way to make money but all though I may have lost part of a business by going so deep into this technology for the last three years I can say one thing for certian I am more than happy that I never invested in the companies growth or that I never put in a dime of my own money into Twitter the company myself.

Self aggrandizing people who run this company will be its ultimate downfall. Atlas will once again Shrug and say one more company that I hope the country lets fail. They are not to big to fail it should be allowed to fail if and when they realize there is no money to ever be made in 140 characters.

I do not feel this way about facebook or linkedin. totally different models with different type of policing going on. if you are not doing anything illegal it will be hard to get banned as it becomes more simple to get the word out about your company in different forums with in this service it will be equally interesting to see if there is something that could allow the collective conscience of business to grow and formulate a massive higher being that each and everyone of these companies is trying to emmulate much like the telephone did almost a hundred years ago and radio did over a hundred years ago.