App inventor from Google is now active.

September 17, 2010

About App Inventor:
App Inventor for Android allows people with minimal programming experience to create simple, personal apps for Android devices.  It has a number of features which ease app development. App Inventor is best suited for people who are eager to learn the basics of programming and are interested in making basic apps for their personal use. 

Remember the Beta Tag:
App Inventor is currently available as an invitation-based beta product.  We are limiting access in order to ensure that our systems can handle the load.  As a beta product App Inventor still has rough edges and missing features. In some cases the rough edges include un-pleasantries such as: installing Windows device drivers, installing Java on your computer, and fiddling with settings on your phone.  We are working hard to smooth out the rough edges and we appreciate your use of App Inventor while we are in this beta state.  It may sound a bit cliche but it really is true, your use of App Inventor today will help us make it better for the future!  Now on to the good stuff.