New Blog Articles schedualed for this month!

June 1, 2011

Brand new things we have always done now just going to talk about them and get the message out!

  1. Tweet your promotions, Schedule your promotions (i.e specials, discounts & coupons) months at a time hassle free, builds your authority and always engaging
  2. Tweets at regular time intervals.
  3. Allows recurring tweets about your products.
  4. Tweet Blogs Articles.
  5. Tweet Favorite RSS (Really Simple syndication) feeds.
  6. Tweet Google alerts.
  7. Best Keyword related articles.
  8. Adds hundreds or Focus on Relevant followers a week.
  9. Can automatically publish your Facebook and Linkedin Status.
  10. Welcome message to all new followers.
  11. Auto-Publish Status while your way or to busy to manage your Twitter or Facebook.