Standard Twitter
Standard Twitter Plus
Twitter Archiving
Archiving for Twitter or Facebook *3
Bit.ly Reports(Weekly) *1
Reputation Management
Geo Targeting Customers/Followers
Down to as small as a 5 mile radius
Launch and Build Traffic Community
Targeted Followers
RSS Feeds of your choosing
Respond to @ replies with email direct to you
Respond to Direct Messages with email direct to you
Account Management
7 X 24 Updates
weekly monthly promotions
Up to 500 a month Targeted Followers
30 Hours/ Month
Automated (RSS) & Manual Process
Single Campaign Set up
Traffic Gen Focus
Monthly Reporting

*1. This isn’t just about shortening links, though. “The truth about Bit.ly,” enterprise software analyst James Governor said today, “is that it’s not a URL shortener, it’s a trend management and metrics platform.”

The idea is to give you more than what you would expect!

*2. We believe that brands should take a measured and logical approach to social media. Community management is a two-way street. Simply tweeting out a list of new features occasionally isn?t good enough. A smart social media plan includes gathering as much pertinent data as possible so that you can truly know and interact with your audience.

*3. Twitter Archiving: $70 for first 7 twitter accounts and $10 per each additional account paid in full for one year. Plus one time set up charge.This will include all of the following services:

- – – – -No limits on storage space/volumes
- – – – -Audit/Discovery DVDs
- – – – -3rd Party Attestation Letter
- – – – -Unlimited training sessions
- – – – -Upgrades

– – – – -Unlimited Support

1 Year Minimum for Archiving.

You can alway pay through Twitpay