What do Customers Receive?

Customers will receive a managed twitter account with keyword with associated truncated links for Google Yahoo and MSN. That will bring them better SEO for related keywords that they are working towards getting positioning on the Search Engines.

This is handpicked tweets (Not automated) from a blog or an RSS feed or another Internet source that fit your keyword related searches. You may also include any specific Blogs or RSS feeds when opening an account that are industry related so we can pick through those for related keyword searches as well. This is done once an hour for as long as you are open as a company for live sales.

We include email alerts for DM which are direct messages and @messages emailed to you when applicable. Manage Your Twitter will handle the relationship management until they ask something that is more than just a general tweet. Then you will receive an email.

We will build up a targeted following whether for new customers or for business development partners or both. The targeting of followers can be geo targeting as well if your customers only live in the Chicago land area we can make sure that most of your followers come from that area. All customers of the service are also able to get reporting from Bitly which is a free service online.

Reporting that allows you to know on a weekly basis exactly what your business reputation online looks like!

Just added the ability to archive your entire Social Media suite for those businesses that have to have it (i.e. Hospitals, Lawyers, Financial Industry), including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.